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GSM-CTL GSM Remote Control System (SMS Relay Control box)

(New version 4G/ 3G/ GSM relay controller, more features including: Log data, fast program and reset button on board, Support customized SMS controller for ON/OFF controller and pulse control each seperate relay channels)

Same quality, better functions and more features !

4G/ 3G Version is also optional

Maximum authorized phone numbers: 200

Package including:

One pcs GSM-CTL GSM controller box
One pcs GSM Magnet mount antenna (3 meter wire length)
One pcs USB program adapter

For android app,please go to google Play Store to search "GSM RELAY"

For Iphone app,please go to Apple App Store to search "GSM RELAY"

you will find the APP Logo:

If cann't install from google play store, then just download directly:
GSM-RELAY APP Download directly: http://www.waferlife.com/downloads/gsm-relay-app.rar

For Iphone app,please go to Apple App Store to search "GSM RELAY" , GSM-RELAY app can be use d to manage the waferstar GSM-RELAY, GSM-CTL,GSM-AIR and GSM-TOG several types GSM controllers.

Order the samples directly from http://www.wafer-shopping.com :

Our standard products is designed with QUAD GSM BAND and that is no problem for all the world market at 850/900/1800/1900MHz

The GSM-CTL is a wireless gsm remote control switch that connects to the GSM cell phone network.
It has two independent relay switches, and the NO.1 Relay switch is activated by calling its cell phone number, it will reject the call without answering and switch on the device connected to it,then there are no call costs incurred when dialling the unit, it will recognise an authorised telephone number calling it and reject the call without answering.
It has another independent relay switches which can be switched on or off by sending the GSM-CTL an sms text message.

Specifications and new features from 2015 version (Marked with Red word):

  • Real-time & interactive control
  • 2 channels  250V / 30A 50 Hz relay contacts
  • Works  with GSM phones 
  • Operating temperature (-25 .. +60 °C) 
  • Relays operates almost every appliance 
  • Small standby power (< 20mA 12V) 
  • Relay memory after power failure
  • Optional password to keep the system at safety operating mode.
  • Remote Password change 
  • Two operating mode optional ( remote setting with GSM phones)
  • One relay is woking with the phone calling, and others working with the SMS
  • Commands can added to GSM-phone number for raeady made commands
  • Working voltage is at 9~24V AC /DC.

    ˇ Support free control mode or Security Authorized number control mode
    ˇ Quick & easy number programming with SMS or On Board Fast Teaching Button.
    ˇ Can disable the SMS reply back to save the cost
    ˇ Support Customized command for easy understand
    ˇ Support the optional Wifi-plug for remote parameters program
    ˇ Support device operation history LOG check


Applications include the remote control of heating in holiday homes, lighting, engine pre-heaters, aviation engine heaters, irrigation systems, water well pumps, pumping stations, cabin heaters, resetting of remote servers, arming and disarming security systems, access control of gates and garage doors.

Wafer GSM-CTL USB programmer

GSM Magnet Mount Antenna ( Specially designed for Water proof type GSM remote control box)