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Wifi-Plug module,specially designed for GSM-KEY-AC controller

With this module ,no need to move your computer to near the GSM-KEY controller wired to the GSM-KEY controller to program many phone numbers

No need open the GSM-KEYT box to wire it to PC to add the new parameters to the controller

No need to use the SMS to program

Only plug the wifi-plug module,no need to do any other change and update,also use the same GSM-KEY software to program the device

Very easy to read the Data Log files which is saved inside the controller

Very Smart and Tiny Wifi Module on board, Long wifi signal connection,upto 50 to 100 meters outside!

With this WiFi-Plug module, Everythings become very simple and easy !

Very smart and tiny wifi module on board,very good quality,and also very good signal gain :

WiFi Backside picture:

Mounting samples pictures :

Order the samples directly from http://www.wafer-shopping.com :


WiFi-VCOM can map the TCP/IP connection, UDP broadcast to local virtual serial port, application programs can realize remote control and data transmission function through accessing v-com.


Combine with our serial device server, extend your serial cable, extend your original local serial port control function. No need to modify the original program, can continue being used.


  • Support multiple virtual COM mapping (up to 255)
  • Support TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP network protocol
  • Send, receive and and com parameter settings multithreaded architecture
  • Automatic connecting mechanism, no worry about the remote device reset or network break and recovery
  • Real-time V-COM data transmission monitoring
  • Integrated equipment detection and configuration
  • Com data automatic packed to send and receive, transparent transmission
  • Support synchronization baud rate function, synchronous hardware baud rate
  • The software is free

Download the Virtual Com software - - - - >>>>>>

Manual How to use the wifi-plug for GSM-KEY

Virtual com software working with GSM-KEY software