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The RASPBERRY-MDB, Perfect for Raspberry PI to MDB interfaces

It is an adapter to existing vending machines to allow the Raspberry PI to work as the payment device for the vending machine.

RASPBERRY-MDB allows the Raspberry PI to act as a slave cashless payment device for existing vending machine controllers (VMC). It allows the Raspberry PI to act as a cashless device and add credit(s) to the vending machine. The RASPBERRY-MDB interfaces any MDB vending device to the Raspberry PI via the serial port. By default it acts as device type 10 (cashless device). It has the switch on the box to select the working address as 10H or 60H.

This describes the Interface Protocol for the RASPBERRY-MDB Hardware circuit. The RASPBERRY-MDB interfaces any MDB vending device (6-pin molex/5pin MTA) to the Raspberry PI via the serial port.

How to start to test when received the board ?

On board, have designed a White three pin connector, we can use the WAFER RS232-USB adapter to connect it to PC.then we can use the PC RS232 tools to send the command and receive the data to test it. (Working totally the same as the RS232-MDB)

After tested with PC. then just plug directly to the Raspberry pi GPIO (2*20pin) connector and then can use the project Raspberry pi code to test. (WAFER don't provide any Raspberry pi code for test )

You can send the easy command list,then can communicate with the vending machine to add the credit. and Raspberry PI would start to work with the Our RASPBERRY-MDB adapter box to act as the cashless payment device to vending machine.

RASPBERRY-MDB Adapter box (Our order package don't include the Raspberry PI)



What we need the Raspberry-MDB ?

We designed our MDB Raspberry pi hat board,that is used to connect the vending machine to the internet.
Now the internet and mobile payment is fast approaching and already affect our lives greatly.But the MDB interface is a difficult protocal and also it has strict and very short timing constraints.We designed this adapter board for customers to connect to the vending machine easily with Raspberry PI board.