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Wireless people counter and Data central unit (TCU) WF-5003

People data processor central unit (TCU)

Display : 4 bits LED timer
Maximum counters : 20
Power supply : DC7.5 Volt
Built-in real timer colock
SD memory card for data record

Wireless counter

Maximum width: 5m
RF Frequency: 2.4G
Max RF Distance: 10m
Power supply: 1*3.6V Lithium battery
Battery lifetime: >1 year

The WF-5003 indoor people counter is designed to provide a simple, robust and reliable counting system suitable for public areas with entrances and exits up to 5 metres wide.

Package including:

1. Transmitter box

2. Receiver box

3. Date central unit

4. SD card (2G)

5. SD card PC reader

6. Power adapter (One pieces) DC7.5V

The system consists of a transmitter and receiver that are placed on either side of the entrance. The units are powered with 3.6V Lithium battery and have very low power consumption. The system uses a fast-pulse narrow infra-red beam and operates effectively in all indoor conditions, including strong sunlight. The units are supplied in strong ABS plastic boxes suitable for high usage areas and with tamper-proof screws making the counter highly resistant to vandalism.

Wireless data central (TCU)

System parameters setup:

1. Counter sensing sensitivity
2. Wireless counter address
3. Central data unit address
4. Wireless counter data report timer
5. SD card data memory language selection

5 meters sensing distance
Extremely robust construction
Low power consumption
No need computer always working to receive the real time data
Unaffected by bright sunlight
SD card memory data stored,easy to be taken.



Fast pulse narrow beam infra-red and 2.4G wireless data communication

Sensing distance

5 meters maximum

Wireless transmit distance

10 meters

Maximum counters to connect the TCU

20 counters

Indicators and controls:



Power LED
Beam sensing LED

Accessories: Double side sticker sheet

Installation projects: