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MDB-SPY: The MDB Bus data protocol monitor or spy


MDB-Spy vending tools are an most useful tools for vending machine project engineers to develop or understand the MDB protocal and data..

The MDB-spy package:
The MDB-spy application program is basically a PC monitor allowing traffic on an MDB bus to be inspected and logged. The programs main feature is simple use and forward the MDB data directly to PC serial port.
All timing is done through a hardware probe allowing true data stamping to RS232 data.
The software only requires a serial (rs 232) port and plug the device onto the vending machine MDB bus line.then will detect all data on the MDB bus.

Important note:
(Before order,please must confirmed that your vending machine can support the MDB protocal and also the buyer must be an software engineer and must have the ability to learn the MDB protocol, and perform independent analysis based on the MDB raw data received by the serial port. Our company cannot provide more technical support and MDB protocal support. It is up to engineers to understand and analyze MDB data.)